what can a website

do for you?

Increase your Reach

Inform your Customers

Ignite Your business


Are you looking to take you small business online or looking to produce professional photos or video for marketing purposes? 2nd Mile Web offers a full suite of Web Design, Photography and Video that will propel your business forward.
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2nd Mile Web is focused on helping your small business grow your marketing presence.

Whether your looking for a new website, photos for a catalog, or a video about your company, 2nd Mile Web is here to help you market your business.

We are based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and are ready to bring your next marketing strategy into a reality.

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is a website helpful?

Having a website...

  • Builds Brand Recognition
  • Conveys Professionalism
  • Expands Customer Base
  • Informs Your Customers
  • Qualifies Customers
  • Boosts Sales

not having a website...

  • Emits Antiquated Feeling
  • Depicts Inferior Branding
  • Frustrates Customers
  • Misses Opportunities
  • Dissolves Credibility
  • Buries Helpful Info

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