Frequently Asked Questions

If your customer base is looking for information about you. Then YES!! Nearly everybody has a cellphone in their pocket and will do research on a company before they give you a call. Similar to what you are doing right now. 

Doing business in the modern era is different than in years past. Since 2000, the digital revolution has dramatically shifted how customers find and interact with businesses. Today customers expect to find your business on the internet and if they can’t find your business, you will lose credibility, opportunity, and sales.

It really depends…Things like selecting a domain name, setting up emails, designing your website and getting photos all take some time. So it really can vary per project.

Most times a few months till all the details are settle on.

A domain name is the anchor of your URL. For Example, is a domain name.

Yes and no. Good cellphone pictures from modern smartphones can slide by in, for example, a gallery of prior work. However, it is best to use professional photos on your site. As they give the most professional feel, and they help build your brand from the first impression.

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